Design and Installation

Planning is critical when it comes to installing a new landscape or garden.  With the help of a comprehensive software program, we can map out your plans and make sure we are off to a good start.  Equally important are your goals for your property. Together we can make sure we are creating a design that tailors to your taste, your available time, your skill level and your budget.


Installing irrigation ensures your landscape and garden will receive the necessary water to thrive.  If you have a busy schedule and cannot commit to watering up to twice daily, then an irrigation system will do the job for you.  Our certified irrigation specialist will install an easy to use, efficient system to meet your garden and landscape needs.

Backflow Testing

Our certified back flow assembly tester can preform your yearly required back flow test. If repairs/replacement are necessary, a free estimate can be provided.



Proper preparation in fall will help set your garden up for success the following spring.  Post harvest is the time to add fertilizer, clear dead plant material, till in beneficial plant material and prepare your irrigation system for cold temperatures. In addition, there are cold weather plants that will do well under a poly protection tunnel if you would like to continue growing into the colder months.  We can assist with all of the steps to ensure your garden is ready to plant come spring.

Fencing Installation

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Greenhouse Installation

Our growing season in Central Oregon is usually limited to 3-4 months depending on our unpredictable weather!  Installing a greenhouse can add a few more months to help your sensitive plants gain more time to mature.  Using quality, custom greenhouse plans and materials, we can build a sanctuary for your seedlings and potted plants.

Planter boxes

If you would like a low maintenance option, custom planter boxes are the way to go.  They require less weeding, there is less danger of critters stealing your produce and they raise the plants to a comfortable working level.  In addition, they retain more moisture and encourage better growth for certain plants that prefer warmer soil temperatures.  Our custom made planter boxes are a beautiful addition to any garden.


Free Estimates!

Due to unique desires of each client, it is difficult to post pricing on our website.  Therefore, estimates are provided free of charge.  Please contact us via email or phone.  We look forward to meeting you!